Training Retail Staff – Embracing the Power a Name

As retailers we all understand – and speak to – the importance and value of providing great customer service.  But the fact is that too few of us put our words into action.

I know that almost every time my friends and neighbors come home from a shopping excursion they can’t wait to tell me about their latest retail disappointment.  As they say all we need to do is open our eyes to see the problem.

There are many things that retail companies and store owners can do to improve the situation.  This includes providing better training for retail staff, better in-store merchandising, competitive pricing and streamlining operations.  But for many of them it can start with something as simple as the power of a name.  That’s right.  You can start simply with something as small as ensuring every one of your team members is wearing a professionally produced name tag.

Year after year studies show that the most powerful word in the English language is someone’s name.  Therefore it makes sense to get your customer’s name at the earliest opportunity and using a name tag is the perfect way to do so.  Simply walk up to the customer and say “Thanks for coming in today, my name is _____”… and then place your hand on your name tag.  Now that you have introduced yourself you are able to get the customer’s name and you are off to the races.  But there are more benefits to providing your retail staff with name tags.  These include:


Four Reasons Why Retail Reps Should Wear Name tags

Encourages professionalism – When people have a name tag on they tend to act more professionally. They realize that their name is out there for everyone to see, so their own reputation is on the line.

Creates accountability – Now, if a customer does complain, they can provide you a name and you can follow-up.

Builds relationships – Name tags put customers on a first-name basis with those who are serving them and that, in turn, builds loyalty. When customers feel like they know the people that work there, they are more likely to keep returning to do business.

Builds your brand – Place your company logo on your name tags.  It now creates one more brand impression for your business – and that is always a good thing!


If you are looking for more ways to improve your retail sales and customer service, why not consider investing in a training program for your retail staff?  Our online retail training courses are cost effective and are virtually guaranteed to pay for themselves within a month or less!