Sales Training Principles For Your Retail Staff

As a retail leader you oversee the activities of any number of sales or customer service associates.  And of course you know that having properly trained and motivated retail team members will ensure your customers are receiving the best service possible.

Of course that drives sales and profits, but it also has side benefits.  A well trained store staff makes your job as a store owner or manager easier. After all, when your retail staff is fully informed and capable of serving and selling to customers you know that your brand is being properly represented and protected.  That lets you stay focused on the important things when you are in the store – and the most important things – friends and family – when you are away from work.

With that in mind, let’s look at some important retail staff training topics that we frequently touch on in our retail training seminars and on-line retail courses.

Four Core Principles of Retail Selling

1. Start from the Customer’s Point-of-View – It is well and good to have a base “script” that speaks to your products’ features and benefits, but if your team members are unable to relate their presentation to the customer’s specific needs they will not succeed.  The key is to be genuine and empathetic to the customer’s needs.

2. Preparation is the Basis of Success – The most critical part of any preparation is ensuring the sales reps’ mental acuity.  This includes understanding their targets and always sharpening their product knowledge.  But preparation also includes store sales-readiness and since their income usually depends on it, retail sales associates should be trained on visual imaging.

3. Respect Your and Your Customer’s Time – Most customers who enter your store already have some idea of what they are looking for.  So show them that you care by asking questions about their needs and then show them the one product that will fulfill their needs.  Showing them the whole line waste your time and theirs.  Of course, if they want to browse…, let them while observing what interests them!

4. Provide Something Extra – Let’s face it.  Many of the products we sell are available elsewhere.  And when that is the case it is easy for customers to become overly focused on price which depresses your margins.  So how do you make sure that your customers are willing to pay a little more at your location?  Provide them with something they do not get anywhere else.  That can include answers, advice, tips, and additional information that helps them to enjoy their product even more.

These are four of the core principles of effective selling and long term success in the retail industry and they are a big part of our retail sales training seminars.  Even if you do not use our online retail courses or engage with us for an on-site retail training event, please consider the importance of these activities in your training programs.