Retail Employee Training: Your Easiest Competitive Advantage

“>Survey after survey shows that retail sales representatives are notorious for being poorly trained and unable to handle customers’ needs.  After all, who hasn’t encountered a retail employee who did not understand the basics of customer service, failed to ask questions to understand the customers’ needs, did not know about his products or simply did not care.

That means that virtually any retailer can create an advantage that will allow them to stand apart – and above – their competition simply by investing in training their team members.  The investment in time and treasure is minimal, but the payoff in extra revenue and improved profits can be huge! 

Independent and regional retail chains can take advantage of the difference maker that leading retailers like Apple and The Container Store have by investing in cost effective and impactful computer-based retail training courses.

Topics that any retailer should consider Delivering Crowning Customer Service; Handling Difficult Customers; Basic Retail Selling Skills; Deterring External Theft; and product features and benefits.  Other courses may be beneficial for management personnel or store owners.  This includes How to Recruit Quality Employees; Interviewing Techniques; Retail Sales Management; and Time Management.

On-Demand Computer-Based Retail Training Courses

Studies show that store employees who receive  as little as 3-4 hours of computer based training to supplement their informal on-the-job training  can be as much as 55% more productive than those who do not take advantage of these opportunities.  So take action and create a competitive advantage for your business today!

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–          David Goodwin is the Principal of the Retail Advocacy Group.  As a 30 year veteran of the retail industry he has directed the activities of hundreds of retail locations and thousands of retail sales representatives and store managers.  RAG offers consulting services, retail sales training and management training programs.   You can learn more at