Onboarding Programs For Retailers and Their Employees

Did you know that up to 40% of all new retail team members fail within the first 18 months of employment? There are HUGE costs associated with employee turnover. Between lost sales, overtime, recruiting costs, lost productivity, distraction, and training costs, many experts estimate that each time a retailer loses a front line team member it can have a cumulative cost of as much as $10,000.  For field management and executive management the costs can be much higher.

Therefore, experts agree that a strong on-boarding program can not only improve retention rates but also positively impact many other business issues.  On-Boarding is more than just a retail sales training or new employee orientation program for your new hires.  It is a written plan that is designed to help your new retail associates get quickly acclimated to the company, culture, and position that they just accepted. Here are 6 reasons to develop a strong on-boarding program as well as a basic template to help you get your on-boarding program started.

Six Reasons Why Retailers Should Develop an “On-Boarding” Program :

1.    Improves Employee Retention

2.    Improves Time to Productivity

3.    Improves Overall Customer Satisfaction

4.    Improves Company Brand

5.    Facilitates the Management of the Hiring Process

6.    Eliminates Wasted Time and Costs Associated with Long Learning Curves

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Your company’s on-boarding program should be more than just a new retail employee orientation program and product training.  As such you will want to focus on the three “A’s” of great on-boarding programs.  These are:  Assimilation, Accommodation, and Acceleration.  The following is a list that covers some of the areas and sub-areas you should consider when creating your own retail employee on-boarding template:





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