Is Employee Training Part of Your Benefit Package?

Here is a scenario:  You are interviewing a potential employee and you want him/her to join your team.  On top of the base salary, you may also try to get the potential new hire to say “yes” by offering them a commission on sales, an employee discount program, flexible hours, health insurance, 401k, recognition, contests or other similar benefit programs.   But do you include on-the-job and formal training programs in your list of benefits?

The truth is that employees want to be successful and they know that they need to learn new skills and gain product knowledge to do so.  Studies by major universities and researchers have shown that while base compensation is important to every potential team member other factors such as respect and the ability to grow within a company are just as important in the long term.

By providing quality customer service courses, retail sales training and product knowledge you are not only giving your new and existing employees the tools they need to succeed, you are also showing them the respect that they crave.

Additionally, there are few other benefits that provide you – the retail owner and manager – with a better return on investment.  Hours of high quality retail training programs can be delivered to your employees via the Internet for less than $100 per year and studies show that employees who take advantage of them are up to 55% more productive!  So get on the training bandwagon and add it to your benefit package so you can close the deal and hire that next great team member quickly!


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–          David Goodwin is the Principal of the Retail Advocacy Group.  As a 30 year veteran of the retail industry he has directed the activities of hundreds of retail locations and thousands of retail sales representatives and store managers.  RAG offers consulting services, retail sales training and management training programs.   You can learn more at