Increasing Retail Sales – Do Aggressive Sales Tactics Still Work?

Online Sales Training For Independant Retailers

Retailers measure their team members’ ability to drive sales revenue in many ways, and whether it is a challenge with conversion rate, average transaction value or items per sale, our team of retail sales trainers is frequently called upon to help our clients to increase sales revenue.


Do You Have A Retail Sales System?

Like most training companies, we have a retail selling process that we teach to our clients’ personnel.  When we instruct our client’s team members on how to use our Top Check Selling System we make sure to include great techniques for closing the sale and overcoming objections.  But those techniques won’t matter if we do not first instill and reinforce the values of great salesmanship.


Earning The Right To Be Assertive

No one likes a pushy sales person, and those who are too aggressive give retailing a bad name.  In these days of hyper-competitive retailers and on-line competition, no one can afford that.

There is nothing wrong with being an assertive salesperson.  In fact, great sales representatives understand that they earn the right to close the sale and overcome objections because they understand the value of integrity, honesty and respect.  They earn the sale because they have invested in building their product knowledge and in building a personal relationship with the customer.

Most sales training programs will create a short-term lift in sales, but they key is being able to sustain that sales growth over the long term.  And that requires a retail selling process that focuses on building long-term customer relationships, identifying customer needs and understanding the value of your most important asset…the customer.

Retail Sales Training




Retailers who have implemented the Top Check system have created sustained increases in revenue of 5-10% month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year.  If you would like to learn more, contact us for a free one hour needs assessment and consultation.