Improve your retail store’s profitability with a recycling program

Are you a wireless retailer or a consumer electronics retailer who is looking to increase sales revenue and to improve gross profit?  R3 Trade-ins offers retailers a program that lets them accept cell phone trade-ins and electronic trade-ins items from their customers.  The money for the trade-in can then be used to help the customer purchase additional accessories or other products in your store.

Here is how it works: The customer brings in their old mobile phone or other electronic item into the store; your retail sales representative then appraises the product and issues a store gift card or instant rebate in the amount of the product’s value; R3 Trade-ins then reimburses the retailer for the amount of the trade-in every month and even provides co-op advertising funds to help the retailer promote the program!  They also have a terrific customized e-learning retail training program that is available 24×7 on a training portal for their dealers.  Plus they offer free shipping for the traded-in electronics.  Their reporting is also very robust so that the dealer can performance manage their retail sales associates behavior on the floor.

Scott Dantis, the CEO of Jabsr, the company that is running the R3 Trade-in program said “This is a great way to make some green by going green!”  And I think he is right!  Trade-in rebates for mobile phones can exceed $100 and customers can also trade-in laptops, ipods, digital cameras, gps systems and more.  I know that when I looked around my house I found over 10 unused electronics items that would have otherwise gone in the trash.

It is great to see companies like Jasbr/R3 helping the environment and helping retailers to make more money at the same time.  If you are interested in starting an electronics recycling or mobile phone recycling program you should consider reaching out to R3 Trade-ins or similar companies.