How to Maximize Sales 12 Activities for Retail Sales Leaders.

Retail stores have their slower and faster periods for customer traffic.  As a result, it is not unusual for retail store managers and retail sales managers to take themselves off of the floor during the slow periods in order to complete paperwork or other activities.  They do this with every intention of getting back to the floor during the peak hours, but often become distracted and do not make it back to the floor as quickly as we would like.  The result is lost revenue due to a lack of direction and focus from the sales team.


Retail consultants know that during these busier times, customers outnumber associates. While it's a wonderful problem to have, there are certain things you must do to make sure that you are able to take full advantage of it; make order out of the chaos; and reap the rewards in terms of sales conversion, average sale per customer, average units per customer, etc.

 Without direction, retail associates can get caught up in the whirlwind of activity with the resulting sales achievement being significantly less than what it could be. What they need is continuous guidance, direction, and coaching on the sales floor.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and with proper sales floor leadership in place, your customers will enjoy shopping in an environment where everything is well managed because they can get in and out fast, so they can move on to other things they need to accomplish.  Even better…they will want to come back to your store again in the future.

You ensure that great retail customer experience by training your sales leader to execute the key activities that will ensure that all employees – sales associates, cashiers, runners, greeters, etc., are doing the right things and serving customers effectively and efficiently.

Here are 12 activities for your retail sales floor leaders to follow:


Converting shoppers into buyers is much easier when you have your retail sales leader on the floor removing obstacles and directing activities.  This reduces the likelihood of losing sales to customers not being attended to.  It increases the opportunity to improve retail margins by ensuring your team members are adding-on and selling up, and it creates a positive customer experience so that you can generate repeat business.  Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunities you have to improve the quality of your retail operation?