Five Reasons to Invest in Online Retail Courses

Should you invest in on-line retail training courses?  If you want to improve productivity, increase sales, drive profits and enhance customer experience, then the answer is “Yes!”

Commonly called e-learning, smart retailers of all sizes and styles are investing in on-line training.  By the end of this article, you’ll see why so many people are so excited about online retail course options.


Why Retailers Use On-line Training Courses


Reason to Invest in Online Retail Training Number One – Cost Savings

Everyone likes to save money.  And when it comes to online retail courses you can save big-time.  Now you do not have to pay for an outside trainer – or a training department – if you don’t want to.  Additionally, you and train your retail staff in the store instead of having to pay for a meeting space and reimbursing them for commuting time and expense.

Your team can have access to RTS’ complete on-line retail training library for as little as $80 per year per employee!


Reason to Invest in Online Retail Training Number Two – Self-Paced Learning

Everyone learns at a different pace.  Based on what they already know and their personal learning style, some of your team members get bored or can’t keep-up when they are in a classroom setting.  When people have an opportunity to learn at their own pace – either slowing down or speeding up – they learn more, retain more and enjoy the learning process.

RTS retail e-learning courses offer your employees the ability to review material as often as needed without slowing down the rest of the team!


Reason to Invest in in Online Retail Training Number Three – Chunked Learning

Have you ever sat in a classroom or seminar and “hit the wall?”  Most people start losing their focus and attention after as little as 30 minutes.  Plus, in a retail environment, your team members need to be able to assist customers at a moment’s notice.  The solution is learning in “Chunks.”


RTS online retail sales training focus on key topics that can be presented in 15-30 minutes so you know the learning sticks and can be applied with the very next customer!


Reason to Invest in in Online Retail Training Number Four – Access and Availability

It is hard to get all of your team members available in one place and at one time.  In fact, it is downright impossible unless you conduct your traditional training after business hours.  The result is that with most instructor-led training some retail staff is always left out.  Not to mention, what do you do if you want a refresher?

RTS retail elearning courseware is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  And because the courses are always available, your team members can take them over and over!


Reason to Invest in in Online Retail Training Number Five – Improved Productivity and ROI

Every retailer wants to improve the productivity of their team and online retail courses do just that.  Thanks to self-paced learning, your workers are smarter, happier and know how to do their respective jobs better.  That results in greater productivity, higher sales and more profits for you!

When taking full advantage of our retail courseware programs, RTS clients have attained sustained sales increases of 10%, 15%, 20% or more!


There is no way around it, with online retail training programs, you just can’t lose!