Ensuring Your Training Program Has Long Lasting Impact – How to Get an ROI on Training

Training is an important tool in your aresenal.  It can help you improve retail sales productivity, launch new products, impact customer service, and orient new retail team members to your business practices.  But, with that being said, one of the things that I hear from clients is that they feel that the investment in training is not as long lasting as they would wish.  There are two issues involved here: 

First is that many retail companies look at training as a “one and done” experience.  They will bring their team members into a classroom setting for an evening or for a day of instructor-led training and then assume that their employees will have seen the light. 

The second issue is a lack of follow-up, inspection, and relevance with regard to the retail training activities.  Keeping your training message top of mind is important so that you can imporove results and get an ROI from your training activities.  Here are five best practices that you can implement in order to get a longer lasting impact out of your training clases and programs.

The keys to improving the results that you get from your instructor-led training and web-based retail training programs are creating an on-going training rhythm and following up on tracking the impact of your trainings.  When you repeat your message and inspect what you expect you will find that your training ROI will jump!


David Goodwin is the CEO of Retail Training Services (RTS).  With over 100 years of operational experience in the retail sector the RTS team creates and delivers top quality e-learning and instructor-led training programs.  You can learn more about RTS services by visiting www.retailertrainingservices.com