Feedback About Our Training Programs

“We utilized RTS to develop customized sales and customer service seminars as well as eLearning modules. In a very short period of time, RTS was able to analyze the key aspects of our business to develop a superior training program for our 200 plus retail store chain.  We would highly recommend RTS as a professional training consultant and we plan to use themfor future training projects.” – Bob DiGiocomo, Pinch A Penny Stores

“Retail Training Services has done an outstanding job in putting together a highly effective e-learning and instructor-led retail training program for Wireless Xcessories Group.  They have produced more than what was asked from them and are great to work with.  They always act in a very professional and timely manner.  Recently, RTS has also led instructor-led training sessions for  my customers.  Their presentations made an outstanding impression and were met with rave reviews. In fact, not only does it make Wireless Xcessories look good, but many of the agents wanted RTS to do training programs directly for them.” – Ronald Badke, Wireless Xcessories Group

“We engaged Retail Training Services to build an e-learning portal and associated training materials that would assist us in launching a new electronics recycling product into the wireless market place.  RTS not only delivered on what they were contracted for, but their knowledge of the retail and wireless channels has been invaluable in helping us achieve success.  I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone launching a new product or service offering into the retail channel.” – Scott Dantis, CEO R3 Trade-ins by Jasbr

“Retail Training Services was engaged to train our store managers and franchise owners on “How to Build Sales and Profits Through Improving Accessory Sales”.  After the meeting concluded, I received many compliments on the presentation from all the attendees.  Everyone liked the manner in which the information was presented and felt as though they took something away from the training.  The RTS team has a solid grasp of the retail industry and their training is top-notch.  – A.J. Mercier, Director of Sales Amcomm Wireless

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More Testimonials

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with our team!  Your words have had a positive and lasting impact. For example, we got an email from one of our managers today.  He literally quoted your training material in his request, saying they want to position his accessory products for his customers so that they will “make their products work, make them work better and keep them working.”  Awesome!”

“Good Stuff!  I only wish we had more time so we could learn more!”

“This was our best presentation! We had a full room of attendees and everyone was very involved in the discussions and  attentive.  This totally exceeded my expectations.”

“Awesome!  The training was easily to understand and the speaker was excellent.  I am walking away with lots of good ideas, but most important, I am walking away with a new way to look at my retail business!”

“Excellent session!  They were great at getting everyone involved in the training and I learned a lot of new things about serving customers.”

“In over 20 years as a retailer I have never experienced a better training program.  I could have used more.”

“Very motivational.  It was a great session and the trainer kept the material simple, fresh and interesting.  I know this will help me to run my store more effectively.”

“Last year I was feeling over-worked, understaffed, and disorganized.   This year, I left the training realizing I was not the floating sales rep, my schedule needed revamping, goals are much easier to manage if managed on a daily basis instead of monthly, and delegating was not a poor reflection of my abilities. Year over Year growth through August is 67%!”

“This was an excellent program which taught me how to refocus my sales team. By focusing on the sales performance of each individual.”

“Results were phenomenal in that productivity increased, and the team took ownership and accountability for their individual and store results.  Overall, the team’s excitement and enthusiasm has been rewarding.”

“Amazing, I can honestly say I learned a lot and I am motivated to try these new techniques with my team.  Thank you!  I felt we have needed something like this for a long time.”

“This really put things into perspective for me!  I really enjoyed the training and WILL utilize the skills and training I was given!  Thank you!”

“OUTSTANDING!!!  I came away from this with so many new ways to be a more positive more productive team leader.  Thank you so very much!”

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