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Integrating retail best practices and building a strong sales and management culture is a key way of ensuring any retailer’s long-term viability.  Whether you have an internal training department to drive these activities or rely on outside resources RTS has a retail seminar program that will suit your needs.

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Retail Training Seminars That Yield Results

Accommodating groups from 5 to 500 leaners, RTS’ training classes are designed to dive deep into key topics that matter most to your business.  Our retail sales training workshops, retail management training programs and other training sessions can be delivered in half-day, full-day or multi-day sessions and RTS will ensure that the training program is customized to speak to your business’ specific needs.  Core topics include:

Retail Training Seminars by Retail Training Services

 “I loved the down to earth way the trainers worked with us.  You can tell the not only understand retail but that they also took the time to understand our Company.  Well done!!!!”

Retail Seminars Designed To Build Your Business

When you invest in a retail training program, you want to make sure that your company achieves a return on your investment.  RTS clients have achieved measurable increases in sales and profits that are directly attributable to our training programs.

That is why our interactive retail seminars are focused on building skills and developing action plans that have measurable outcomes.  And since there is nothing worse than sitting in a chair all day listening to a lecture, a typical RTS retail training class will include:

Retail Training Materials


“I would like for these trainers to implement other training for our Company.  They were knowledgeable and presented everything clearly.  The training activities reinforced everything they said and I am now confident that I will exceed my targets.”

Retail Training Conducted By Retail Experts

At RTS, every one of our trainers has extensive experience owning, operating and selling through retail stores across many categories including consumer electronics, wireless, apparel, footwear, food service, discount, mass merchant, and housewares.

Since our team has managed retail businesses across multiple formats including specialty retail, big box, mall kiosks, and franchises we have developed powerful retail management training programs that will speak to your team member’s needs.

“I am thankful that the Company found such great professionals to help us build our business!”

Retail Classes for Store Managers and Store Owners

Having trained and motivated store managers is the key to the long term success for any retail organization. After all, they are the only employees that work with all of your most important assets – your customers, your people, your inventory, your real estate, and your cash – each and every day.

Retail Training Services has executed and developed strong retail manager training programs that are designed to help your business reach the next level. Our clients can choose to invest in our standard retail eLearning training courses, our instructor-led retail classes, or have us work alongside of their internal training teams to create engaging and impactful retail training content.Contact us to learn more about retail store manager training programs. Instructor-led workshops include:

“This has been a great experience.  It has been life changing information that should do wonders for both personal and professional life”

Custom Retail Training Programs

Our standard training content is perfect for many companies, but for other retailers they need a custom solution that is tailored specifically to their needs and their culture.  Utilizing RTS for building your training provides you with a customized program yet allows your team to focus on what they do best  – executing your selling plan.

We will begin the design process by meeting with your leadership team and training team so we can understand your company’s goals and obstacles to achieving them.  Then we will invest time with you field teams and internal departments so that we can gain a better understanding of their requirements.  Then we will begin the development process which could include:

Contact us today for a free one-hour consultation so you can learn more about RTS and how we can help your company win!

Training For District And Regional Managers

It has been said that being a multi-unit manager is the toughest job in retail.  That is because field management is more than holding people accountable to minimum standards.  It involves building a culture of success through effective hiring, training, leadership, and performance management.  Retail Training Services will deliver a customized instructor-led or retail eLearning program that is designed to meet your company’s needs.  Contact us to learn about conducting a Retail Field Manager’s Workshop or other retail training programs including:


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