Competing in the On-line World: Is Retail Showrooming Overblown?

You read it in the headlines, see it on TV, and hear about it from the pundits…”Showrooming” and competition from on-line retailers like Amazon is killing traditional retail.  But is this really the case or is it an excuse for poor results, bad decision making, and an inadequate customer experience?  Let’s take a closer look. […]

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12 Retail Marketing Ideas that Work

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Every retailer is is looking for new ways to drive in foot traffic, sell more to their existing customers or optimize their marketing and advertising budget.  But every once in a while everyone needs some fresh ideas – or to revisit some old ones they have forgotten about.  With that in mind here are some […]

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4 Ways Independent Retailers Can Improve Their Local marketing Results

Independent retailers are competing with national retailers, the Internet and strong regional chains every day.  And because your competitors are always seeking ways to take market share from your business, it makes sense to gain as much leverage as possible with your local marketing activities. Because consumers are becoming more and more engaged with the […]

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Retail Marketing – Building Your Blog

Retailers of all stripes are embracing Omni-Channel retailing.  That is using Internet blogs, social media, web sites and more to acquire new customers, encourage repeat business and drive foot traffic to the store. Blogging can be a key part of your Omni Channel strategy because it is an effective way at encouraging your customers to […]

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Improve Your Retail Marketing – 8 Activities To Avoid

1. Do Not Forget Your Base – While expanding your base of customers is a good activity, 80% of your marketing should be focused on your EXISTING retail customers.  Everyone has a limited marketing budget and since it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than retain a current one, make sure you […]

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