Benefits of E-Learning

Studies show that retailers who are committed to effectively training their team members are able to consistently outperform their competitors.  But, whether it is employee turnover, restricted training budgets, having a disbursed workforce or a lack of resources, retailers face many challenges when it comes to training their workforce.  Because of its effectiveness and efficiency, E-Learning is quickly becoming the training methodology of choice for retailers.

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E-Learning Makes Sense For Retailers

Retail E-Learning Is More Effective:

  • Faster Learning– With E-Learning students learn up to twice as much in half the time that they would in classroom training.
  • Consistent Instruction – Every student receives the same high quality content every time.  Unlike classroom instructors, our training software never has an “off day”.
  • Better Retention – Well designed E-Learning courseware increases knowledge retention by as much as 40% over instructor-led training.
  • Measure Your Success –The systems on which E-Learning courseware is hosted will track your employee’s progress and every learner is provided with a certificate of accomplishment to prove their success.

Retail E-Learning Saves Money:

  • Keep Employees in the Store – Since our E-Learning courseware comes to your team members at their stores they are there when you need them there…to serve and sell to customers.
  • Stop Paying Travel Costs – No more mileage and no more wasted payroll for travel time
  • No Need for a Classroom – Stop paying for classroom space.  With E-Learning the classroom literally comes to you…just when you need it, for just as long as you need it.
  • Save Time – With web-based training there is no need to coordinate conflicting schedules.  Your team members access the training when they need it.

Retail E-Learning Improves Customer Experience:

  • Reduced Employee Turnover – Lack of training is one of the top reasons that employees give when the leave a retailer and studies show that well trained employees are less likely to voluntarily leave their job…that means better customer services!
  • Reduced Refunds and Exchanges – Every retailer has experienced returns due to the customer being sold (or over-sold) the wrong product.  RTS’ retail training courses can help you to ensure your customers get the right product the first time!

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Off The Shelf Or Custom E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning is a practical solution for every retailer.  It increases employee engagement, reduces training cost, ensures that everyone is on the same page and ensures your ability to track your team members’ results.  RTS’ off-the-shelf courses are based on decades of practical experience owning and operating hundreds of retail locations.

But our standard retail courses are not a perfect fit for every company.  In those cases, RTS can develop custom or semi-custom training courses that are fully branded for your company.  Our custom retail E-Learning courses speak directly to your Company’s policies, procedures, products and programs.  Contact us today to learn about how RTS can build a custom training program for your company.


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