Are you missing a critical area for creating positive customer impressions?

We recently relocated our home and, as a result, I had to establish a relationship with a new dentist.  I looked one up on-line, read the reviews, and found that they took our insurance plan so I made the appointment.  They told me to get there 30 minutes early to complete the paperwork and I did so.  Unfortunately, I had also just finished my second cup of coffee so I asked to use the restroom.

When I walked in, the bathroom light would not turn on, the fixtures were old and the odor told me that it had not had a deep cleaning in a long time.

The thoughts that just went through your head also went through mine.  Namely, “if this is what their restroom is like, how effective are they at sterilizing their tools?” and “Do I want people in this office putting their hands in my mouth?”  Needless to say, I made my excuses to the receptionist and left the building to find another dentist – AND to write my own review on-line.

Contrast that with a story I recently heard about a friend who needed to get their car repaired while traveling.  The repair shop was in a rundown part of town but the parking lot was clean and the people were courteous (not too different from my dentist).

While waiting for his car to be fixed he went in their restroom. He was shocked to find that it was sparkling clean, had modern fixtures and a long counter with extras like hand lotion and tissues. Certainly not was he had expected and, according to him, it also made him feel more confident in the people working on his car.  More importantly, he also wrote an online review immediately after leaving the shop!

Many, if not most, of your customers will likewise judge your retail shop the same way.  If they find your restroom dirty, cluttered or out of supplies, they’ll instantly conclude that your service will be sloppy too.  In fact studies show that over 80% of customers who experience a dirty restroom will leave a store immediately and over 50% will never return to shop again.

It goes to show that the old adage is true.  “Retail is Detail.”  It is something that we work on with every one of our clients as we help them to train their retail staff.

Take a look around your store today.  Have you addressed the details?


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