Advice for Retailers-Fight off Stiff Competition by Investing in Training and Customer Service

We often hear about how big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy are able to walk into a market and flex their muscle to drive out their competitors.  There should be no doubt that they are formidable retail competitors with big marketing budgets, huge buying power, and strong management teams, but any retailer can compete if they are able to focus on the basics necessary to win.

A recent example of this Dixon’s.  The British retailer was targeted by Best Buy who claimed that they were going to go into Great Britain and open over 100 locations.  Dixon’s was specifically called out because of their poor customer experience and dated looking stores.

But Dixon’s has  not only won the battle, but has been able to deliver victory after Best Buy recently announced that they would be closing their stores and exiting the market after only opening 11 locations. 

In a recent article, Dixon’s CEO revealed their secret to success – specifically a renewed focus on improving their customer’s experience by investing in new retail sale training programs, product training, and retail management training programs for their team members. 

By implementing a focused approach to retail training, Dixon’s was able to hold off Best Buy long enough for them to begin remodeling stores and sharpen their marketing message.  In fact, they are now touting their retail sales representative’s knowledge and helpfulness in their recent marketing campaigns.

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