A Bakers Dozen of Holiday Selling Tips


We call the holiday selling season the Golden Quarter. And you can make the most of it by implementing these Holiday retail selling tips.


13 Ways to Increase Holiday Sales for Retailers

1) Attempt to add-on to every sale. Pick one or two high margin items that are fun and unique and suggest them as stocking stuffers. Keep the price points below $40 for best results

2) Speaking of stocking stuffers…Load up on impulse items and display them at your counter and impulse displays throughout the store.

3) Offer the best…first. Many customers are willing to spend a little more to ensure the recipients of their gifts will be pleased!

4) Set yourself apart from the crowd by offering free gift-wrapping or…offering pre-wrapped items!

5) Invest in training retail staff. Too many retailers look at seasonal staff members as people who handle overflow customers. That can lose you thousands of dollars in sales, so take action now. Retail elearning courses are a perfect way to get started for little up front investment.

6) Lead the charge! After you have trained your team, show them the way by getting on the floor. Nothing is more powerful than a great example.

7) Have an alternative to your best sellers. We all hope that we do not run-out of hit items, but they are likely hot for every retailer and your suppliers may not have enough. So plan for alternate items and train your retail staff to sell them.

8) Expand your store hours. You need to be available when your customers want to shop. You are already paying for heating, cooling, rent and CAM. Staying open an extra hour or two and paying someone to handle your shop during thise times is actually a low cost.

9) Run contests and play games. Whether it is spin & win, add-on tag, sales bingo or any of a host of other fun actiivties you can keep your team energized and focused. Prizes can be something as simple as a candy bar, a $2 trophy or getting to go home 20 minutes early.

10) Use spiffs and incentives. Get your team members dialed in on suggestive selling by placing a spiff (extra commission) on select high margin items. Or, you could give them “stretch commissions” for attaining a higher level of sales.

11) Markdown slow movers early. You will have plenty of foot traffic during the holiday period. Take advantage of it to get rid of your “stinkers.” After all, you are better off taking 20% off in December vs. 50% off in May.

12) Collect names and addresses. Ask customers if they would like to be on a preferred customer list that gives them first shot at new products or sales in the future. That way you can reach out to them after the holidays to build traffic when you really need it!

13) Stay healthy and physically ready. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy meals, drink enough water and wear good shoes. That way you will be ready to serve your last customer as enthusiastically as your first!