5 Activities to Make Your Retail Training Fun and Engaging!

We have all sat through a training meeting with a talking head and a PowerPoint deck.  No one wants to take part in a long-winded and boring training meeting and traditional role playing while effective can get old.  So, spice up your retail sales training and product training classes with these fun activities

Game Show Activities – Whether it is a take-off on Jeopardy, Who wants to be a Millionaire or Wheel of Fortune game show themes are a great way to get your team members excited, engaged and competing to show off their knowledge!

Relay Races and Scavenger Hunts – Do you need to teach your people how to find information or solve problems quickly?  Divide your room into teams that can compete against each other to complete an activity

What is in my Pocket – A great way to help people hone their qualifying skills.  Give people 10 questions to determine what you have in your pocket.  Then teach them about how using open questions yields more information and have them try again.

Write a Commercial – Give each team member a product and then have them write a 15 second radio commercial for it.  Once they have drafted the commercial, have them read it to the group.  The best commercial wins a prize!

Get the Monkey off My Back – Present a product to your trainees.  Then toss a stuffed animal (the monkey) to one of them.  They have to present a feature and benefit of the product.  When they have done so they get to toss the monkey to another person.  Whoever is stuck with the monkey and can’t think of a feature has the monkey on their back!

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–          David Goodwin is the Principal of the Retail Advocacy Group.  As a 30 year veteran of the retail industry he has directed the activities of hundreds of retail locations and thousands of retail sales representatives and store managers.  RAG offers consulting services, retail sales training and management training programs.   You can learn more at www.retailertrainingservices.com.