3 Ways to Reassure Unhappy Retail Customers

Your retail customers need to know that you value them, want them to be happy with your products, and want them to return with their friends and relatives.  Unfortunately, every retailer fails to satisfy or meet a customer’s expectations on occasion.   But you can turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for buy following some simple principles for improving retail operations and customer service such as the ones that are listed here.

Step One – Acknowledge Problems and Complaints Immediately

The first step of improving retail customer service is to acknowledge all issues immediately.  Like most people, your retail sales representative’s first reaction to being confronted with an irate customer can be to fight or to take flight.  Confrontation or avoidance will only make the problem worse, so the first thing you want to teach your team members is to reach out to customers with issues.  Listening, showing concern and empathy is first step to getting your customer relationship back on track.

Step Two – Explain How You Will Remedy the Problem

After listening and acknowledging the issue at hand, the next step is to evaluate your options and then tell the customer what you will do for them.  It is vital to clearly explain to your customer what exactly will be done to fix the problem, and when.  This does not mean quoting Company policy, but planning and communicating a solution to the issue so that you can retain and regain the customer’s goodwill.

Step Three – Make a Goodwill Gesture to Your Customer

Speaking of goodwill, teach your retail team members to go the extra mile.  In comparison to spending hundreds of dollars to find a new customer through retail marketing efforts, spend nothing other than a few minutes of time to ensure your current customer knows that you care.  Turn a negative customer experience into a positive one by not only solving their problem promptly, but by following up a few days later with a courtesy call or  thank you note. This is an unexpected “extra” which can create truly loyal customers by exceeding their expectations.

Lead by Example and Train Your Team Members

The first step to ensuring your retail store personnel understand and act on taking positive customer service action is to lead through the power of your example.  But you can reinforce your example by providing customer service and retail training through using web-based learning tools to help then through their new retail employee training.