10 Reasons to Invest in Web-based Training Today!

It is a competitive retail environment and whether it is seeking out new sources of revenue or finding way to cut expenses, every retail company is looking for an edge. Unfortunately, when tough times hit, many companies choose to save money by eliminating training programs for their front-line team members. This is despite the fact that the average national retailer spends only $200 per year on training their sale and customer service representatives. The bottom-line is that many companies understand why training is important, but have a hard time monetizing the costs.

Smaller retailers have an even bigger challenge with getting their team members trained simply because they have smaller budgets and fewer resources. That is where Retail Training Services (RTS) comes in. RTS offers retailers – whether big or small – a cost effective way to provide their team members with high quality and proven training at affordable prices. How do we do it? We leverage the power of the web! 

Now retailers can take advantage of RTS sales, customer service, and management training modules through either a direct purchase through the RTS web store at www.retailertrainingservices.com or by having RTS develop a custom designed training portal that delivers privately-branded skills and product training to their team members on a 24×7 basis.

But what makes web-base training – commonly referred to as elearning – so impactful for both the business owner and for the learner? Let's review some of the reasons.

1.)  Faster Learning – With E-Learning students learn up to twice as much in half the time that they would in classroom training.  In traditional classroom training the instructor has to teach for the “slowest” member of the class.  This inhibits the training of everyone else who attends the training.

2.)  Consistent Instruction – Every student receives the same high quality content every time.  Unlike classroom instructors, a web-based training program never has an “off day” and with a 99.9% up-time, elearning never calls in sick!

3.)  Better Retention – Well designed e-learning courseware increases retention by as much as 40% over instructor-led training. This is because it provides opportunities for the student to use more of their senses, hearing, seeing, touching.  E-learning programs give students the ability to practice a skill and they can review content whenever they feel the need.

4.)  Keep Employees in the Store – Since elearning courseware comes to your team members at their stores they are there when you need them there…to serve and sell to customers.

5.)  Stop Paying Travel Costs – No more mileage and no more wasted payroll for travel time

6.)  No Need for a Classroom – Stop paying for classroom space.  With elearning the classroom literally comes to you…just when you need it, for just as long as you need it.

7.) Saves Time  – With web-based training there is no need to coordinate conflicting schedules.  Your team members access the training when they need it.

8.)  Improved Tracking  – Web-based training systems let you track student activity at the most minute level.  Reporting can show you when the student took the training, how they scored on the testing, how long it took them to complete the courseware, and more!

9.)  Simplified Training Management is Simplified –  Because elearning systems come with easy to read dashboard reports and searchable reporting systems you can automate most of the training process!

10.)  Focus on Your Business – With an outsourced  web-based training system you do not have to invest in training managers, field trainers, classroom facilities, and content development.  Depending on the size of your Company, RTS can deliver high quality training content directly to your sales floor for less than $15 per employee per year!