10 Powerful Words to Increase Retail Sales Effectiveness

You can get better results from your retail sales presentations, advertising, and marketing by focusing on the words and language that will motivate your retail customers to buy.   

Some words in the English language are more powerful than others.  And when you learn to use these words in your daily writing, speech, advertising copy, landing pages and other marketing materials your message will be more compelling.  Ultimately that will lead to more closed sales and more income for you, your retail stores, and your sales representatives.

Great copy writers have known and used these words with great results for over a century but a recent Yale University study has reaffirmed their powerful nature.  The words on this list speak to some of the most basic human needs, drives and impulses.  You can use this knowledge to create increased revenue for your retail business.

Here are the findings from the Yale research on the top 10 most powerful words in the English language, along with some additional comments added by me…

  1. You– this, most powerful, word should be used early in any presentation or advertising copy.  Why?  Because this simple word makes the conversation with the customer seem more personal.

  2. Results– Shoppers, buyers, web surfers all have a common goal.  They are looking for solutions to problems and answers to questions. This simple word grabs attention and works wonders in rationalizing a purchase.

  3. Health– Every person cares about their body and health. This word is another attention grabber especially when it applies to a product that you are selling in your retail stores.

  4. Guarantee– We all want to feel safe and we all want to avoid mistakes!  It is simple human nature.  Providing a guarantee gives your retail customers a sense of safety at time of purchase.  Guarantees provide an extra layer of comfort to the customer and help you to overcome potential sales objections.

  5. Discover– People are naturally curious creatures and they love to discover new things.  Often, those discoveries allow them to be the first on their block with a new product or service – and we all know that keeping up with the Joneses is a national pastime!  This powerful word is a great way to position your product or service in the context of excitement and adventure.

  6. Love– As in “you are going to LOVE this product” is an all-time favorite.  Your retail customers not only want to love their products, but what the products can do for them.  Even better…they want their friends and family to love them when they give a gift that was purchased in your retail store!

  7. Proven– This word helps to remove the fear associated with from trying something new or switching brands.   It always helps to couple it with one of our other power words – “guarantee”.

  8. Safety– This word appeals to fundamental issues of our body, our lifestyle, our family, and our friends.  Its use could refer to the health of your customer or their family, but also to the long-lasting quality of your product or service.

  9. Save– Everyone wants to save money, but we also want to save time.  Whether in your retail marketing copy or in your sales presentations you will want to show your customers how your products, services, and value can save them time, money, and hassle.  In the end, everybody wants to feel like they are saving something.

  10. New– As we have already discussed, people want to keep up with, or do better than their friends and neighbors – it is the American way and it is part of our basic human nature.  Make sure you motivate your retail customers by using the work “new” to help them meet this need.

There are many other powerful words that you and your retail team members should be using.  These include “value”, “Invest”, “Service” and more, but if you just focus on training your retail employees these 10 most powerful words you will begin to see incremental increases in your retail sales results



David Goodwin is the principal at Retail Advocacy Group and Retail Training Services.  With over 30 years experience operating hundreds of retail stores and training thousands of retail sales representatives he and his team are focused on helping retailed improve their sales and operational efficiency so they can grow their profits.  To learn more about their training and retail operations consulting programs please visit www.retailertrainingservices.com.